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Demand planner Job description

Job Function :
Logistics and Planning Function
Job description :
• Create statistical forecasts:
- Gather, analyze and validate data
- Execute statistical modelling software
- Review resulting statistical forecast model
- Apply error analysis techniques to improve forecasting
- Summarize/aggregate statistical forecasts
• Review sales plans , customer finance Budget Updates or Latest Estimates and demand drivers:
- Present, solicit, and assess feedback on the various forecasts from sales, and finance
- Recommend adjustments for operational forecasts
- Review promotional plans with sales
• Achieve consensus for operational demand forecasts by facilitating a collaborative planning process with sales, marketing and finance personnel:
- Prepare relevant material to facilitate research and discussion
• Provide input to volume planning ( Latest Estimates / annual process)
- Facilitate and manage demand planning/customer meetings
- Achieve consensus with the business side and the demand chain
• Maintain demand planning system and software
- Enter and modify data and ensure the correctness of product hierarchy
- Monitor trends in forecast error
- Identify relevant market-related data and competitive intelligence
• Prepare and maintain relevant reports pertaining.

Electrical Maintenance EngineerJob description

Job description :
Key responsibilities : (please a briefed summary in bullet points on job expectations)
• Coordinate with the previous and following maintenance shift engineer to organize the handover process and activities regarding open maintenance activities and manpower planning to ensure the continuity of the operation properly.
• Supervise the daily maintenance inspection activities conducted by the mechanical and electrical technicians on different areas of the plan then conduct meeting to determine any abnormal conditions to take corrective action to decrease the equipment loses.
• Supervise the implementation of the periodical maintenance plan to increase the equipments’ life time.
• Analyze the root cause of the repetitive problems and break downs with coordination of maintenance technician team to propose and take proper corrective action to ensure permanent problem solving.
• Analyze any abnormal indicators to determine the root cause then take predictive action to prevent any possible breakdown and increase time between failures.
• Supervise the stock level of spare parts to control the budget.
• Supervise the performance of the maintenance crew through: coaching, on job training, delegation, performance appraisal, development and cross training activities to improve shift performance.
• Participate in power saving Committee activates in the plant.
• Commit with all EnMs roles and responsibilities as per the roles and responsibilities set by energy committee
• Comply with occupational health, safety and Environment regulations, policies and instructions at work place. Follow-up the machines, equipment’s and tools in the daily log and records that are reviewed by the mechanical engineers or supervisors to know the daily status of the machines, equipment’s and tools to update the periodic maintenance plan.

Supply PlannerJob description

Job description :
Key responsibilities : (please a briefed summary in bullet points on job expectations)
• Review the production parameters /variable to issue the plan.
• Issue the plan to maintain the stock level and the product mix.
• Receive the master production plan to determine the gap between the packing materials, the packing products and the workshop production level.
• Analysis and review the internal manufacturing of packing materials cost and the purchasing cost to decide whether to make or buy them.
• Analyses the market fluctuations to find alternative solutions and minimize the stock level and the order quantity.
• Determine, analyze, and plan the required quantity of the packing materials then issue PR and communicate the schedule and the priorities of required items to the procurement department to meet the requirements of the production plan.
• Follow up and control the delivery time of the purchasing material with the procurement department and prepare alterative to avoid any deviation from the plan
• Follow up and analyze the stock level of the packing materials and products to ensure their best utilization
• Mange the packing materials consumption and movement cycle to minimize the losses and the costs.

HR - Personnel SpecialistJob description

Job description :
Key responsibilities : (please a briefed summary in bullet points on job expectations)
• Responsible for all Personnel activities and dealing with government authorities, such as labour office, social insurance authorities and medical insurance and build strong relationship with them.
• Prepare social insurance records and maintain employee’s files and insure fully meeting the requirements.
• Record and manage the attendance, work system activities and documents of both sphinx employees and the outsourced team regarding the leaves and vacations, shift exchange, overtime, absence without permission, penalty, incentives, and end of service and new hiring to prepare the monthly salary effects sheet and meet the legal requirements.
• Assist in the monthly salary effects sheet to be reviewed and approved by the HR manager then send it to the personnel and payroll supervisor to prepare the monthly payroll.
• Follow up the recruitment process with new candidates and review the required documents.
• Participate in all HR functions and activities such as, recruitment, training, performance management, Satisfaction survey, Egyroll, policies and procedures, to increase the employee satisfaction.
• Develop HR monthly reports.
• Responsible for 1,2&6 social insurance forms
• Develop the needed statistics and reports related to business need..

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