Furnace Engineer

Job Description

• Review and follow up on a daily basis on the temperature of the furnace from the daily and previous two shifts to ensure that the temperature degrees match the standards.
• Review the furnace conditions regarding the furnace sealing and equipment like; coolers, cooling fans, and batch chargers to ensure that the conditions and equipment’s work in properly.
• Analyse the root causes of the glass defects that are related to the furnace, and then take corrective actions to improve the glass quality.
• Supervise the hot repair activities inside the furnace area to save and maintain the furnace lifetime.
• Communicate the current equipment failure to the maintenance department, follow up the preventive maintenance schedule, and conduct the maintenance plan of the furnace area with the maintenance team to minimize the downtime.
• Design and develop the work instructions and SOPs related to the furnace conditions and problems then supervise the hot end shift engineer, furnace process senior controller and furnace senior technician to ensure following the instructions to ensure proper problem-solving.
• Plan, prepare, manage, and follow up on the furnace project plans regarding the colour change, regenerator cleaning, basin wall patching, and furnace sealing to maintain the furnace lifetime.
Job Requirements
• Bachelor’s degree in Engineering or Chemistry.
• Total of 3 to 5 years of experience in the same field
• MS Office, MS Windows
• Arabic & English Languages
To apply: Please send your updated CV to hr@sphinxglass.com
Please mention “Furnace Engineer” in the subject line.

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