Mechanical Engineer (Utilities)

Full Time
Sadat City
Posted 4 months ago
Job Description
• Implement the preventive maintenance activities, plans, and repair of the batch house area with the assistance of the batch house mechanical technician to increase the equipment’s reliability and decrease downtime.
• Determine, analyze, and plan the required quantity of the cutting line and heavy equipment spare parts and consumables, then issue PR, and control (follow up) the delivery time and consumption rates to ensure the continuity of the production process.
• Implement the preventive maintenance activities and plans of the heavy equipments with assistance of the heavy electrical and mechanical technicians to increase the equipment’s reliability and lifetime and decrease downtime.
• Analyze the root causes of equipment failures; specify the best course of action to repair the equipment to minimize the repair time and ensure best quality.
• Supervise, and provide technical assistance to the heavy electrical and mechanical technicians to ensure reliable equipment‘s repair and overhaul with proper time and quality.
• Manage the performance of the heavy equipment team through coaching, on job training, delegation, performance appraisal, and development to improve team performance.
Job Requirements:
• Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical power or Mechatronics )
• Total of 3-8 experience in the heavy equipment field.
Computer Skills
• MS Office
• MS Windows.
• Internet Explorer.
• AutoCAD
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Please mention “Mechanical Engineer (Utilities)” in the subject line.

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