Solarlite and Vistalite Glass ®

Solarlite and Vistalite Glass®

Commonly known as  ‘online: coating, the Pyrolytic coating process involves fusing metal oxide particles with hot glass during the floating process, which allows the two substances to bond on a molecular level, creating a hard coating that is both mechanically and chemically durable.

Sphinx® Pyrolytic reflective coatings – Solarite® and Vistalite®

– have all characteristics of Pyrolytic coated glass:

  • Long shelf-life
  • Do not require edge deletion
  • Usable for all post-processing operations, including: tempering, curving, bending, laminating, silk-screen printing.
  • Can be used in monolithic or IG configuration
  • Sphinx® Pyrolytic coated glass is CE, marked and conforms to EN 1096.