You are currently viewing Sphinx Glass Welcomes Future Glassmakers: A Visit from Menoufia University!

Sphinx Glass Welcomes Future Glassmakers: A Visit from Menoufia University!

Sphinx Glass, a leader in glass innovation, recently hosted a group of eager minds from Menoufia University’s Faculty of Science! These students, specializing in glass manufacturing, gained invaluable insights into the world of glass thanks to a comprehensive program designed to spark their passion for the industry.

Knowledge from the Experts: Unveiling the Secrets of Glass

Eng. Marzouk kicked off the event with an engaging presentation. He delved into the inner workings of Sphinx Glass, explaining the company’s operations, various glass production methods, and the responsible management of raw materials. This knowledge-packed session provided the students with a strong foundation for understanding the complexities of glass manufacturing.

From Theory to Reality: A Journey Through the Factory

Following the presentation, the students embarked on a captivating factory tour.  Guided by experienced Sphinx Glass personnel, they witnessed firsthand the fascinating transformation of raw materials into high-quality glass products. This immersive experience allowed them to visualize the theoretical concepts they learned earlier.

A Glimpse into the Future: Sphinx Glass Summer Internship Program

The day didn’t end there! Sphinx Glass’s HR manager presented the company’s esteemed Summer Internship Program. This program offers 3rd and 4th-year students a unique opportunity to gain practical experience in the glass manufacturing industry.  By participating in the program, students can develop essential soft skills required for a successful career, making them well-rounded professionals for the future workforce.

A Day of Learning and Inspiration

This visit from Menoufia University students and professors served as a testament to Sphinx Glass’s commitment to nurturing future generations of glass experts. By providing educational experiences and internship opportunities, Sphinx Glass invests in the future of the glass industry, ensuring a skilled and innovative workforce for years to come.

Considering a career in glass manufacturing?  Stay tuned to Sphinx Glass’s social media channels for updates on their Summer Internship Program!