Silvering Quality

Glass is the main component of mirrors, thus a perfectly smooth glass surface will be a perfect mirror. Sphinx® Glass perfectly uniform and smooth surface provides an effective base for a reflective layer of metal.

Sphinx Glass provides a range that is uniformly smooth and practical for all purposes from interior designs, car mirrors, household mirrors, and window panes, etc. Designers need only to specify the thickness required; from 2.7 mm till 6 mm and Sphinx Glass will provide perfect silvering quality glass for the best quality mirrors.

Glass ConfigurationUVVisible LightSolar Energy    
Trulite Clear%%%% %    
(MM)TransmittanceTransmittanceReflectance OutdoorsReflectance IndoorsColor Render Index Ra (D65)TransmittanceReflectanceAbsorptionSolar Factor

– Performance data is based on representative samples of factory production. Actual values may vary slightly due to variations in the production process.

– Tabulated data is based on NRFC methodology using the LBL Windows 5.2 Software and where noted European methodology using WinDat WIS version 3.0.1 software.

– SF = Solar Factor (EN410) also known as g-value

– Color Rendering Index Ra (D65) = the ability transmitted daylight to portray a variety of colors compared to those seen under daylight without the glazing.

– “a(D65)” refers to an average of eight color samples at 6500 K color temperature. In illumination, general color rendering Indices Ra above 90 are very good and Ra between 80 and 90 are good.