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Coal Grey The Darkest Glass In Egypt

Coal Grey offered a sensational and profound dim appearance, expanding visual privacy and significantly diminishing see-through from inside concealing gadgets. It was ideal for architectural glass, safety glass, and automotive glass. Coal Grey ensured that design aesthetics met glass performance.

When privacy solutions were required, Coal Grey Glass offered the ideal solution. It provided a profound, cool dark gray tint from the outside while offering a surprisingly fresh and neutral view from the inside. All of this was achieved while guaranteeing expanded visual privacy and diminishing glare, eliminating the need for blinds or shades.

Sphinx Glass celebrates 5 years of Summer Internship Program

Sphinx Glass has welcomed 17 university students onto its 2019 Summer Internship Program. Now in its fifth year, the two-week program offered students the opportunity to work in business areas including Actuarial, Operations, Underwriting, and Finance. The Sphinx Internship Program aimed to enhance interns’ qualifications and prepare them for the market through effective and condensed soft and technical skills.