Solarlite Glass ®

The Solarlite Glass family of reflective coated glass was introduced in 2010 to the Egyptian Market to enhance the appearance of thousands of buildings and to the comfort of millions of inhabitants.

Solarlite glass can be glazed with the reflective coating positioned on either the first or second surface. The glass has improved performance and higher exterior visible-reflectivity with a metallic sheen when installed with the coating on the first surface. Combined in a 1-inch insulating glass unit with clear glass, Solarlite glass offers an expansive palette of appearance and performance options with solar heat gain coefficients (SHGCs) ranging from 0.34 to 0.14 and exterior reflectance of up to 37 percent.

When installed with the coating on the second surface, the glass has lower exterior visible reflectivity and maintains the substrate glass color. Combine Solarlite glass with Trulite and Isolite Glass, such as Euro Grey, Coal Grey, Euro Bronze, Sky Blue , to produce an even greater range of aesthetic options.

For detailed performance of thermal and mechanical properties, please review the Reflective Glass product data sheet.